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Written by Super User Wednesday, 09 November 2011 20:22

T360 Services.

Leverage from the best teams with global production expertise in a variety of content formats including video, audio, copy, as well as photography services.

Videos T360's’s expertise in audio-visual content is evident from its versatility across genres, such as glamour, B2B, viral, and across the short and long formats of video. We understand the diverse aesthetic and technical nuances of creating deliverables such as AV's, Viral videos, YouTube campaigns, testimonial's and internal communication films, and know what it takes to keep their intended audience glued.

Our experience in B2B and B2C environments and our work with leading brands enables us to accurately read client requirements and anticipate consumer expectations, enabling us to fulfil our objectives every time.


T360 has a history of creating quality, multi-lingual, original audio offerings, involving the use of high-caliber copy resources. These offerings, like audios and tones, range across a variety of genres, including devotion, glamour, quizzing and humour and; available in 14 languages. The library comprises 20,000 minutes of original audio-visual content, and is complemented by exclusive content tie-ups with renowned domestic and international content providers.

Over the years, we have established a strong and reliable network of artists and vendors who power quick turn-around, irrespective of the language or geography of work. Industry-disrupting prices and content innovation are the hallmark of our audio offerings.


T360's copy team develops marketing copy that impart's depth and breadth to your campaigns and communication, so you can enjoy the benefits of tangible brand recall and loyalty. We deliver copy that is search-engine optimized, measured, and consistent with clients’ brand image and positioning.

Our offerings:

(Internal communication)

  1. Internal emailer's
  2. Business case-studies
  3. Whitepapers

(External communication)

  1. Newsletters and magazines
  2. Facebook and Twitter management
  3. Blogs and blog management
  4. Internal & external presentations
  5. Articles for print and online platforms
  6. Website content creation, evaluation and development
  7. SEC development and management
  8. Copy writing (Brochures, Leaflets, etc.)
  9. Product and services e-mailers.