The InterConnected Threat

With the world and businesses becoming increasingly interconnected, the threat to networks, devices, programmes and data from cyber attackers who continue to evolve with ever improving tactics, techniques and procedures presents an ever growing risk across organisations. Given the prospect of financial loss, disruption or reputational damage the need for protection needs to be at the forefront of every organisations strategy which is why cyber specialists and industry needs a platform met to establish a cross-sector response to cyber risk and data protection. More so is the networking, training and retraining for this sector. We have designed a series of engagements for our audience under SecuX - The CySec Journal.

Delegates include CISO, CIO, CTO and COO-level executives from across the public and private sectors. The guest lists are typically a comprehensive compendium of CySec 'A' listers and includes the 'Who's-Who of Cyber Security.

CySec Programming

All our programs are designed, post consultations wit the leaders from this space andd include closed door meets, seminars, day long events and offsites. Dedicated to cross-sector learning for cyber preparedness, our stakeholders include government, the public sector, critical national infrastructure and industry. Connecting senior-level business, security, technology and data leaders – these events provide a unique platform to debate national leadership priorities and share best practice solutions to achieve cyber resilience in a fast-moving digital world.

The BCI - Broadcast CySec Initiative

An emerging vertical is the broadcast sector as it brings more IT technology into the domain. Evolvong technology has created new opportunities for media production and distribution, but it has also opened broadcast companies to new security threats. Media companies are increasingly targeted in massive security attacks. Each broadcaster, once targetted , will develop counter measures, but the sensitivity of such issues means other broadcasters fail to benefit from each other’s experiences. To combat this, we have launched The BCI - Broadcast CySec Initiative.

De-Code CySec

SSE-CMM (Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model) is a system for describing the essential characteristics of an organization’s security engineering process that must exist to ensure good security engineering. The model can be used by engineering organizations to evaluate and refine security engineering practices, by customers to evaluate a provider’s security engineering capability, and by security engineering evaluation organizations to establish organizational capability-based confidences. Is your organization SSE-CMM ready? To know more. call or email us immediately!

Organizations have been stacking solutions on solutions. This needs to be rationalized to make systems lean for operational efficiency.

Decode is developed as a series of workshops and training sessions. These sessions will have domain experts and industry professionals will be at hand to take participants through various experiences and solutions. Key advantages of these sessions are:

  1. Learn from the experts.
  2. Hands-on workshops .
  3. Networking platform.
  4. Certification by Global Leader.

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