Feet On The Street

Your products are on the digital platform. Congratulations!

You now have wholesale distribution and your products are searchable and presented beautifully to buyers all over the state.

However, just because they are there it doesn’t mean the stuff will sell itself.  People making buying decisions still would want some one to explain details of the specific solution. Irrespective of the amount of data available online or in brochures, there will still be queries, especially for high value product purchases.  

But before you reach there, there needs to be GTM plan (Go-To-Market). 

Whether a sales person/team, a marketing company, or just straight up making your own appointments and hitting the pavement…. you still need to sell. 

Here are a couple of things that you can do right now:

  • 1. Make your storefront awesome. Spend some quality time on descriptions, key words, etc. Link to your videos and social media accounts. Try some video notes of your products. Create videos. Tell your story.
  • 2. Start a reach program with your products.
  • 3. We will take pictures, have discussions with stakeholders and post on social media and potentially curate for digital marketing purposes (via push emails to buyers). This is a necessary part of our marketing plan and brings in prospective buyers.
  • 4. Create “packages” that incentivise buyers to try your products.


The T360 - Feet-On-The-Street model aims at bringing about measurable improvements in the areas of Sales Management, Infrastructure ‘Build & Manage’ and Customer Delivery & Support. Organizations are challenged to acquire and retain sales teams. Customer Support and Sales Teams both, are customer facing and they can make or break organisations. However, hiring good team managers and members is rarely enough to get teams going. One key reason is the limitation off product lines to make sales teams meaningful. They also need the support of strong processes to manage themselves as well as to be managed effectively. 

T360 Feet-On-The-Street aims at helping its customers by ensuring that the sales, delivery and support teams are structured and utilized in a manner that helps to meet targets in the areas of Revenue, Market Share, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction.

FOTS also helps customers adapt rapidly to ever changing market situations and opportunities through structured analysis and innovation to stay ahead of the pack.