C:Suite is a platform that provides multiple opportunities for the C-Level to get together, be it online, offline or through print. Recognizing leadership as it emerges! Mentored by Action Leaders; rather than by Thought Leaders

Different times and different circumstances call for different leadership skills. And difficult times and difficult circumstances call for different leadership skills. So what is it that allows one to prepare oneself to be on top off the game? What abilities should executives focus on developing? What skills should current executives hone as they strive to reach the next level?.

The following are some of the available features, more are coming!

Web Portal:

The website aggregates the best practices from across domains structured by functions, allowing for a pollination of ideas, thoughts and executable action plans.

  • A platform to publish and share your ideas and concepts.
  • Get your articles rated and voted to stand out among your counterparts and peers.
  • Generate points and leverage them to transact for products of 'your choice'.
  • Multi- functional networking grid.
  • Get visible and build your brand value.
  • Creating your profile page which can be rated by your peers.
  • Tagging and SEO Optimization possible for maximizing visibility for your content
  • Be visibile on multiple functional platforms
  • The system creates automatic categories as shared by industry.: You never know who will find you!{}
  • Use topic-based layouts with topic display order
  • Home page content presentation or most read and best rated
  • Get published with a selection of the best from C:Suite and the global best as shortlisted by our editorial board, the choice is yours!

Management Programs:

C:Suite Club offers preferred 'VIP' participation pass acquisition opportunities to world class management programs, delivered by powerful global speakers and trainers. Specific programs offer certification from world renowned universities and institutions, so you can combine skill enhancement and certification at one go! And your particiaption earns you points, that may be converted to goodies of your choice. Any product, any time! Your purchases can be split in as many products as you need, or you can purchase one at a time and leverage your points wallet as you go on!

  • Subscribe to Groups programs organized by function or industry vertical: You may nominate yourself as a subscriber to various events/ content offers/ surveys etc, based on your profile.
  • Your profile file with one or multiple parameter groups, will be approved by the editorial team for your qualified particiaption.
  • Nomination by your organization allows you to represent your organization and get benefits of corporate participation in your digital wallet.
  • Nominate other functional heads to gain points, if they are selected by the board
  • No sign up fees for subscription registeration
  • And, you have the freedom to opt out of a program, if you are unavailable for any reason, without any penalties!

Easy Signups:

Sign-ups is easy! Just click on the registration form, fill up your basic details and go!

  • No qualification!
  • Just sign in with your official email address.
  • Add your mobile number for verification and authentication.

Member benefits:

  • Unique, exclusive CXO Forum
  • Social media driven platforms
  • Branding opportunity.
  • High decibel platform
  • Global content with local perspective
  • Unbiased, independent, driven by user/visitor interface
  • Best in class editorial and advisory board