Soul of the enterprise

In today’s fast paced world, being abreast of current market scenario and latest trends is of utmost importance to be develop and maintain a competitive edge over other prominent players in the market.

Domain expertise enabled by our media presence, directly or through associates, allow us maintain and enhance long and rewarding association with our clients.

Our clients rely on us to identify and help them respond to market dynamics, emerging trends, advances in technology, and other critical elements that shape their industry. Our industry experts were part of the discourse that were integral in many business groups to enter and establish in India. We bring together insights from across geographies and disciplines to share knowledge and provide new business avenues for our clients.

T360 has developed some research models based on the knowledge and wide range of studies conducted in the past. 
These models are industry specific using recognised research methodologies.
These models help the client to conduct a research in a better way and to get effective plan of action.

Whether its introducing a new product or selecting the ideal media vehicle for promotions and advertising or may be sustaining and evaluating various aspects of brands like brand equity, brand image, reputational risk tracking studies, monitoring shopping habits to internal and external customers satisfaction survey, T360 Research undertakes client brief driven research methodologies.

T360 has some of the best-in-class domain experts associated with it for market research and consulting.

To cater to various other needs of our clients, we offer services like ddata analytics, report making, charting services, etc. This helps us in maintaining long term relationship by offering entire service basket to our clients along with core market research services. Any business can be heterogeneously affected by varied unexpected external factors. In such scenario, standard and basic research tools may prove futile. Well understood by our team; we offer a platter of additional services such as periodic report makings, data processing, analytics and management consulting etc.

Based on our understanding, we at times, suggest customised research solutions to our customers as part of our full cart of offerings.

Data processing and analysis

We offer data processing as a standalone service to select clients. A clean data is taken in a flat ASCII / excel format and using various statistical packages like Statpac/ SPSS and is analysed to provide tables as per specifications.

The data processing team is well versed with all the data structuring, data reduction and other statistical techniques like weighting, significance testing, correlation analysis and multi dimensional mapping.

Data is trimmed and cleaned if needed, for any outliers / redundancies if so desired. Client is required to specify the logical loops and rules for such additional cleaning.

The experience in data processing and analysis extends to both ad-hoc studies and continuous trackers. The T360 Research team has handled clients from across the world for servicing such needs.

T360 DeepDive BI & Analytics

T360 DeepDive partners with HansaCequity to provide advanced analytics services to help companies drill deeper into the data and understand the subterranean data linkages, which drive customer behaviour. The analytics services help companies to take data driven decisions and hone their marketing programs. T360 DeepDive can combine information from multiple data sources such as transactional data, demographic data and market research data using our analytics programs to present the clients insights to ensure acquisition, retention and enhancement in customer relationships.

Range of T360 DeepDive services include specific services like

Customer profiling

  • Who are your customers?
  • Which strata of society do they belong to?
  • What stage in their life are they in?
  • What do they like and dislike?

In addition, hundreds of other similar questions that you may be asking yourself are answered by customer proofing analysis.


  • Identifying key segments in your customer base provides enormous opportunities to fine tune marketing and communication strategies and target your market better.
  • We leverage our extensive knowledge in marketing and statistical techniques to conduct these segmentation studies.

Lost Sales Analysis

  • Why do prospects remain prospects and do not become customers?
  • What triggered the decision not to buy your brand?
  • Would they consider to buy your brand in the future?

Lost Sales Analysis is a special model, which helps you understand which elements of your marketing mix, is working well and which is not.

Management Consulting

It is a science of finding out new and better ways of doing things which saves cost and helps organisations to grow further. As a management consultancy, we help our client to decide which parameters to consider taking immediate action that are highly impactful but less cost intensive. The effect of such changes is measured at periodic intervals to measure the enhancement in growth and engagement levels.

Our teams have been part off various media to evaluate and enter India. Our methodology conducted a market research study to understand the media market in India. The likeability towards the concept of such a magazine was captured along with the willingness to buy such a magazine if available in India. Also the content or information expected and price willing to pay for the magazine was analysed to design entry strategy for the new entrant. This study helped the client in designing their product magazine, finalising target markets and selling price in India.

Data analysis - additional services

Report creation

We provide text/ppt/pdf style reports based on the analysis of data. Clients’ custom templates can also be used for reports and presentations or create something special.

Charting services

As part of our services, we will cull raw data to create charts for ease of understanding and incorporation into presentations. The team can work with the client’s existing templates and pour data into them or create special charts for them.

Dashboard creation

Dashboards are a single frame snapshot of the entire data and helps managers to get a feel of the situation in one view. Dashboards are extremely powerful tools in the lives of tie-starved managers of today.

The SM2RD dashboard allows managers to see the reputational risk faced by their brand online. They may then plan and execute corrections on areal time basis.

Research models

Market Search have developed some research models based on the knowledge and wide range of studies conducted in the past. These research models are applied to understand particular industry by using number of recognised research methodologies.

These models help the client to conduct a research in a better way and to get effective plan of action.

Range of research models include -

Ø Market entry strategy development

    • Market feasibility
    • Demand assessment

Ø New product development research

Ø Mystery shopping studies & analytics

Ø Brand monitoring

Ø Customer satisfaction studies

Ø Advertising research & evaluations

Ø Corporate image & brand positioning studies

Ø Employee engagement studies

Ø Interdepartmental satisfaction study