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Social media is unique opportunity, were you can help a businesses connect with customers.

It’s the vital part of every digital marketing campaign, the flag bearer of your marketing goals. The social media marketing strategy of a brand goes a long way in determining its presence and reputation in the online world with definite rub-off's offline.

T360 delivers SM2RD - a reputational risk management and analytics service, using social media to collate and, analyse the reputational risk for user clients. This besides, our specialists create bespoke strategies to deliver solutions for clients. Our research based planning and extensive background in creating content puts us spot-on in delivering value propositions, that few, if any, will be able to match. Conceptulizing story boards that offers opportunities to make multiple spin-offs that is perfectly shareable.

We work on your brand, keepingg in mind the brand story, ensuring that it is heard and shared. The crafting of every social media strategy that is made after an in-depth study of your product. This includes content that is tailored to help a brand draw maximum advantage on various platforms.

As the expanse and influence of digital media grows by the day, social media marketing services dominate the marketing and outreach budget. Considering the explosion of media platforms, creating a result-oriented strategy to keep customers engaged is key to the brief.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, have become an integral part of businesses’ social existence. The online consumer spends nearly 11 hours on an average daily. Prospects browsing is good news for brands, as that gives them ample scope to grab eyeballs and promote the campaign to build a consumer base.

The demand

The demand for social media marketing services is rising fast for two main reasons. First, because of its ease of access due to fast developing technology, and secondly because it is relatively cost-effective than traditional advertising. Corporates and individuals seek to leveraging social media channels to buildd and reinforce their brand presence or support and promote activities.

For a brand, social media is the best way to engage with potential customers and initiate a dialogue. Backed by the right social media marketing strategy, viewers can be successfully converted into buyers and eventually developed into loyal customers. Education to existing as well as prospective consumers is another opportunity, which creates a human connect while exposing them to various aspects of your business.

The timing

The social media marketing strategies, relies heavily on timing. A quick brilliant content piece in response to an event – social, financial, or political - for instance, has the potential to drive your brand to new heights. Prompt and swift action on the social media will give you an edge over competitors. Our social media monitors constantly keep a tab on what’s trending on online platforms and leverage every opportunity to create an impact.

Consumers’ decision making process today gets hugely influenced by social media. Brands are, therefore, looking at capitalizing on social media. The SOP at T360 ensures that your brand’s name blends with the content in your user’s news feed seamlessly. The platforms where your TG frequents are prioritized so that the TG could be supplied with content that they would like to reveive and thus prompting them to share with associates and friends. Our teams then track the number of shares and perform a detailed analysis of the social interaction using SEO services.

Social media is certainly redefining the online marketing landscape. To leverage this reality, our social media experts build a campaign that aligns with your business objectives.

As part of our services we offer:

  1. Social postings for all social media platforms
  2. Social seeding
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Like campaigns
  5. Live tweeting
  6. Video promotions

Pinterest Search Ads for all sizes brands

Pinterest is introducing a new option for brands to target their search ads beyond the traditional set of keywords, Search Ads are now available to advertisers of all sizes via its Ads Manager.

Facebook split news feed

Rather than the traditional news feed mixing posts for both followed friends, groups and pages, the split news feed feature of Facebook would create one news feed with posts from friends, and another for finding new posts from pages.

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